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The Art of Don Newton

The Art of Don Newton is one of the most complete fan sites on the net! We have over 100MB of artwork, from all phases of Don's career for you to enjoy. You can spend literally hours here in the presence of one of the all-time greats of comic art!
The Savage Earth!
An Art of Don Newton Exclusive! Don's very first strip, presented in loving detail. See a master artist in the making!
AODN Exclusives!
The Savage Earth isn't the only exclusive on this site! We also have original art from private collections, art that has never been publicly presented before, like Don's original Marvel try-out pencils on Captain America or the pencils from Don's first Batman story! Plus, we have the inside stories of the comic business, in Don's own words!
The Phantom and associated likenesses and characters are copyright 2019 by King Features Syndicate, Inc., The Hearst Corporation. Adam Strange, Aquaman, Batman, the New Gods, and Star Hunters are copyright 2019 by DC Comics. Ghost Rider, Nighthawk, Thor, and the Yellow Claw are copyright 2019 by Marvel Comics.
Background photograph by John E. Harris from the Phoenix New Times


Online Galleries

Fandom 1968-1982
Charlton 1974-1977
Marvel 1975-1981
DC Comics 1977-1985

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