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Last Updated Aug 8, 2013

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During 1967 Don attempted to break into the syndicated newspaper strip business with a couple of different ideas. Both of his proposed strips were adventure strips, which were historically hard sells, and the heroes of both strips were writers. The first strip, "Captain Galaxy" never got far beyond the preliminary development stages, but for the second strip, "Blacklok, Don did a lot more work. He created a logo and then drew twenty days of strips. While Captain Galaxy was a one-man show, Don had a writing assit on Blacklok from Ken Toney. Some of the Blacklok pages were printed in a couple of fanzines in the laste 1960's and early 1970's, but this is the first time tall of Blacklok has been published in order. Presented here, for the first time anywhere, is Don's original artwork and story summary. Without further adieu, the Art of Don Newton is proud to present...

Captain Galaxy logo

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:


Day 8:


I have two typewritten story synopsis for Blacklok. On the second one Don has renamed the strip from "Blacklok and the Tyrants" to "The Sign of Blacklok." He has also renamed some of the characters: Dr. Sebastian Flint is now Dr. Elliot Flint, Colonel Rudolph Faust is now Frighthead and his organization is no longer TUMOR, but is now named SCAR. Don really liked the idea of Frighthead and SCAR, so much so that he would use the exact same characters in his other attempted strip, Captain Galaxy, and again, years later at Charlton, the characters would return when Don began working on the concept of MasteMind with Nicola Cuti.

Day 9:


I have sheets of copies of these strips and along the edge of one Don wrote, "A few assorted (better) tabs from the first 'version' we did -- too many 'words.'" I would have to agree there. This daily for example, should have been maybe three days of strip. Too many words indeed. Also, before you ask, no, I have found no evidence that a "second" version of Blacklok was ever made.

Day 10:


Day 11:


Day 12:


Day 13:


Day 14:


Day 15:


Day 16:


Day 17:


This is actually the end to the continuity that I have. There are three more pages of artwork, but they skip ahead some, so it might be good next time to show some of the story summary where the other pages fit in.

More to come!

All artwork on this page is copyright the Estate of Don Newton 1967-2013.

Copyright 1998-2019 The Art of Don Newton
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