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Captain galaxy
Last Updated July 14, 2013

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During the mid 1960s, Don attempted to break into the syndicated newspaper strip business with a couple of different ideas. Both of his proposed strips were adventure strips, which were historically hard sells, and the heroes of both strips were writers. The first strip, "Captain Galaxy" never got far beyond the preliminary development stages. Don wrote a three page synopsis of Captain Galaxy on legal paper and drew eight panels of the proposed story and a Captain Galaxy logo. I have no indication that any other work was ever done on this strip. Presented here, for the first time anywhere, is Don's original story summary for Captain Galaxy and the strips only known existing artwork. Without further adieu, the Art of Don Newton is proud to present...

Captain Galaxy logo

Captain GalaxyArriving in Citnala to cover the political crisis, Reed Corbet sets up quarters in a small rented villa outside of town. One evening while compiling some of his notes, he notices from the window a great ball of light fall to earth several hundred yards from the house.

Corbet races outside thinking the object to have been a meteorite. However, as he draws close he realizes that it is a space craft.

Captain GalaxyThe craft seems to be damaged. Steam is pouring out of vents on all sides. Suddenly a door swings open and a lone figure stumbles out. Just as quickly a beam of light appears out of the sky engulfing the figure and sending him writhing to the ground.

Corbet races forward to help; as he reaches the space pilot he feels thought entering his mind. The spaceman is communicating with him by telepathy. Corbet is told to recover a red chest from the ship. He does so. Then he is told to help the pilot walk and bring the chest as the ship will begin to disintegrate at anytime.

Corbet takes the stranger to his villa. The stranger tells him how to operate a device in the red chest. If it is not too late the device will counteract the affects of the death ray that struck him. But when the device fails to register the spaceman knows that the cell disintegration has already begun and he cannot survive. He communicates with Corbet through the power of his mind and tells him the following story:

Captain Galaxy"I am Thrun, Captain of the Galactic Police Force, from the planet Eixom. Across four light years my deputies and I have pursued Strokuss and his crew of space villains. Finally as we entered your solar system we caught up with them. A battle followed. Passing your Earth they damaged my ship so I entered your atmosphere and landed for repairs. But Strokuss followed and, as you saw, caught me in his death ray. But my deputies will get him,... it is no matter. My time is very short> now so I must talk quickly. When I die dispose of my body in whatever means your civilization dictates. You may keep this uniform of mine. It is coated with a material developed by our scientists. Fire will not burn it nor will small weapons damage it. Perhaps someday you will use it in someway for your protection. And for your brave attempt to help me here is one last gift; a drug used by all law enforcement officer on our planet. It will alter your entire mental and physical makeup allowing you to lift the psychological limits your mind places upon your strength. Under stress or in a hypnotic trance a man is capable of doubling his strength many times. This drug will so ally your mind and body that you can call upon this strength at anytime." So saying this, the alien dies. Corbet has a proper burial for him on a hill nearby.

Skeptical about the drug, Corbet places the hypodermic in his coat and hides the alien's suit by making a false bottom in one of his traveling bags.

Despite the events of the night before, Corbet must continue with his regular routine of digging up facts on the internal trouble in Citnalta. That morning, while talking with officials at the capital, he learns that President Bolmonte will deliver an important message to all the people over television that same night. Not having a TV at his small villa, Corbet plans to go to a local restaurant for dinner and watch the address there.

When President Bolmonte appears on camera he looks drawn and shaken. In a brief speech he says that because of ill health he is resigning and will be succeeded by his Vice President, Swobota. As Bolmonte reads the address, he scribbles a note and slips it to his secretary, Cameo Lovelace.

Alone for a moment, Cameo reads the note. "Swobota--a member of SCAR They have my family--all of us in danger--Try to get outside help." Quickly she dashes from the TV studio, but unknown to her the transaction was seen and she is followed. Soon realizing she is being trailed, Cameo ducks into the Beach House Cafe, which by chance is where Corbet is dining.

Captain GalaxyCameo recognizes Corbet, having seen him at the Capitol several times. Knowing that he is an American newsman, she hurries to his table. Giving him the letter she explains briefly and asks him to meet her later. Then Cameo ducks out through the kitchen. However, she and Corbet were watched from the restaurant window.

Captain GalaxyCorbet leaves, but before he can reach his car he is jumped by the two men that followed Cameo to the cafe.

Corbet awakens handcuffed in a dimly lit room. Several men question him. They want to know where the girl went, did he read the note and who is he working for. Corbet insists he knows nothing of the situation and refuses to identify the girl. After an hour of questioning, the men leave Corbet handcuffed and go look for the girl.

Captain GalaxyRealizing the gravity of the situation, Corbet grasps for some means of escape. Then an idea comes. Scooting the chair across the room to where his coat is laying he checks it. Yes! The hypodermic of the alien drug is still there. He decides to chance an injection in this life or death situation. After much difficulty he is able to administer a shot to himself in the wrist. Minutes pass--nothing! Then a terrible heat engulfs him. He feels as though his entire body is being absorbed by the very universe. Then he begins to gain control again. A new sensation seems to come over him. His brain seems to "light up;" the power of his mind flows through his body. He knows the cuffs cannot hold him any longer. He snaps them like a cord. Nor does the locked door present any problem for his awesome strength. Leaving the room he rushes back to town to meet Cameo at the brother's tailor shop as planned before.

When Corbet arrives at the tailoring shop they evaluate the situation; realizing something must be done to help the President. Corbet has heard rumors in the past about SCAR (Supreme Council of Allied Revolutionaries), an international organization of terror designed to world conquest.

Cameo explains that SCAR has infiltrated the army and police and now have the government in a strangle hold. The First thing that must be done is to assure the safety of the President; they try for outside intervention.

Captain GalaxyCorbet takes Cameo and Sean into his confidence to explain about the alien from Eixom and of the strange power that allowed him to escape his captors earlier. Corbet shows them the uniform of the alien next. He asks Sean to make him a cowl incorporating the goggles the alien also gave him, With his superior strength and invincible uniform to conceal his identity, Corbet feels he can help the President.

Captain GalaxyGarbed in the uniform of the Galactic Captain, Reed Corbet becomes--- Captain Galaxy! The trio makes their way to the Presidential mansion. Sean and Captain Galaxy decide to enter the mansion even though it is completely dark. Cameo remains on watch in the car.

Once inside, Galaxy opens the two half disks on his belt to reveal a slowing disk. As Thrun the alien showed him, by turning the disk the light becomes brighter. By this light they search the mansion, but it seems deserted. Perhaps SCAR has already done away with President Bolmonte. However, as they enter the ballroom, lights come on and the duo is confronted by eight men-- men of SCAR.

Captain Galaxy pushes Sean aside and lashes out at the SCAR men. But even these odds are no match for his power. One of the men draws a gun and first in desperation. Two, thee shots, but the bullets only ricochet off Galaxy's invulnerable costume. Suddenly, a shout of "Stop!" come from across the room and all eyes turn toward a strange figure. The upper part of his face is masked, yet the mask had but one eye. He tells Captain Galaxy and Sean that he is "Frighthead," leader of SCAR. He is amazed at the strength of Captain Galaxy and wonders why bullets bounce off his uniform. He says that he would like to learn these secrets. Then Captain Galaxy demands to know what SCAR has done with President Bolmonte. But Frighthead says he will make the demands! "I have the President and his family in safe keeping as well as your friend, Cameo Lovelace."

Frighthead forces Sean and Captain Galaxy to board one of several helicopters and accompany him to his hideout as his prisoners. They cross the island, leaving the town and going into the mountainous volcanic area. Finally, they land on a ledge jutting out of the side of a mountain. There in front of them as they disembark is a fantastic castle hewn by hand out of the sheer face of the cliff. Captain Galaxy and Sean are ushered inside. Cameo is taken off another helicopter under close guard.

Entering a huge room, Frighthead takes his place on a rough cut throne. Galaxy and Sean are ringed by his men.

First Frighthead tells about himself: Fifteen years ago he came to the island as a young archeologist, Delbert Whitehead, working with four other scientists. After months in the area, one day they came upon this rock cut castle. After studying the writings on the gigantic door they determined that this was a temple built some twenty thousand years ago. The was the time when men in Europe, Asia and Africa were still living in a primitive state. This was a temple for the crept of a great kind and his treasures.

They broke open the seal on the door and entered. The archeologists explored the catacombs of the temple and finally came upon the treasure room, filled with riches beyond their wildest dreams. Then something came over young Whitehead; he knew it must all be his, even if he had to kill to get it. Later he was able to get one of the scientists alone and struck him down with a shovel. Then he hid the body behind the throne. When the others came in he directed them to one of the small rooms telling them there was something they must see. When they entered, Whitehead slid the panel shut on them, entombing them forever.

Returning to the throne, Whitehead sat down to survey his new kingdom, But the mane he had struck was the shovel still lived. With his last breath of life, he removed a bottle of acid from his knapsack and hurled it into he face of Whitehead. So Whitehead became Frighthead. The temple became his hideout and with his vast treasures he began to build his organization, SCAR. This temple would be only the first of many and someday all the world would know him as its master.

Now Captain Galaxy would join him or die. Galaxy refuses and promises to tear down the castle, stone by stone. But as he speaks, a trap door opens and Captain Galaxy and Sean drop into a ungeon below.

BRIEFLY, THE REST OF THE STORY: The rest of this story involves Captain Galaxy's escape, the destruction of Frighthead's palace (and his escape in a submarine) and finally the return of President Bolmonte to power.

Don really liked the idea of Frighthead and SCAR, so much so that he would use the exact same characters in his other attempted strip, Blacklok, and again, years later at Charlton, the characters would return when Don began working on the concept of MasteMind with Nicola Cuti.

All artwork on this page is copyright the Estate of Don Newton 1967-2013.

Copyright 1998-2019 The Art of Don Newton
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