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Title Issue Date Contribution
All Dynamic Magazine 6   72   In a letter in issue 7 Dan Adkins states, "...My favorite drawing in this issue of Dynamic was the Newton centerspread." That is all I know about this one; any help would be appreciated.  
  7   09/72   Features a beautiful black and white reproduction of a Newton painting of Superman. The book also contains an article by Don on Multicon '70 and a short biography/interview entitled "A Brief Look at Dynamic Don Newton!"  
Always Comes Twilight 1   76   A pen and ink illustration of a Minotaur.  
Charlton Bullseye 5   09/76   Two Phantom illustrations accompanying Howard Siegel's "Discussion with Don Newton" (possibly reprints, but I don't know where from)  
Chronicle 2   72   A 1-page insert featuring a full figure shot of Captain Marvel  
Classic Reproductions 0   72   A series of seventeen illustrations and paintings published by the SFCA on heavy, high-quality 6-ply coated pasteboard. Six of these were by Don: #2 Captain Marvel and Old Shazam, #4 Daredevil (the original), #5 the Owl, #7 Spy Smasher, #11 Airboy, #15 Fighting Yank. The last three may be the paintings from the Newton Portfolio. I don't know if it was just for the ads or if it was part of the package, but a Newton Superman painting was used for advertising Classic Reproductions.  
Collage 15   71   This issue is supposed to contain a centerspread by Don of Ibis.  
Comic Crusader 8     Don penciled and inked the black and white cover featuring the Marvel character Yellowjacket duking it out with a mad scientist. In the background you see Capt. America trapped in a sphere.  
  9     Something by Don.  
  10     Something by Don.  
  11     Something by Don.  
  12     A Viking illustration by Don.  
  14   72   Contains an Ibis Illustration by Don. This book may also contain a front cover of Ibis penciled by Don and inked by Bill Black.  
  15   73   Apparently this is an article by Don and John Clark. I don't have the book so I don't know any more on it.  
Fandom Annual 2   72   18-page strip, "The Savage Earth," written, penciled and inked by Don, and a three-page portfolio.  
Fandom Media 3   72   Two-page center spread by Don.  
  4   72   This book is titled "Destiny" but it is the fourth issue of Fandom Media. It contains a one-page piece by Don that is printed landscaped and looks to have been done as a wrap-around cover. It features a barbarian pulling a sword on a monster with a woman chained to a wall. It is not a very good piece.  
Fantastic Fanzine 12   70   Full-page Hawkman illustration by Don.  
  13   71   ?? illustrations for the story, "The Golden Vest" written by Bill Cantey. I Can't tell from the ad if Don was inked by Bill Black or if Bill Black also provided illustrations for the story.  
Fantasy Soundtrack 1   01/68   Don provided the back cover illustration of a Star Trek scene featuring Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  
Fulcrum 1   71   A Captain Marvel issue that advertises a centerspread painting by Don Newton.  
Grave Tales 1   74   This book started out as an underground comic and ended up as a coloring book. Three stories written by Bill Pearson who would later work with Don on The Phantom at Charlton. Don illustrated a story called, "Blood Island." Don also has a few full-page illustrations in the book as well. This book is very nice.  
Houstoncon 71   06/71   Don was a special guest of honor at the convention and there is a full-page in the program devoted to him. It contains a reprint of the Captain Marvel figure from the inside front cover of the Rocket's Blast Special #8.  
  73   06/73   Don did a wonderful piece for the Houstoncon featuring a bunch of Superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Hawkman, The Phantom, The Flash, Green Lantern, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tarzan, The Spectre, etc  
Illustrated Comic Collector handbook 4   ??   Don did 14 black and white illustrations of super heroes of the past, and a center spread painting of a cloaked character with a slouch hat and gun (most likely the Shadow), printed in black and white.  
Nebulous 1   71   Full-page illustration of Captain Marvel by Don.  
Newton Portfolio 1   72   18 full-page and one center spread illustrations by Don. Includes Don's very first piece of fan art and some of his best stuff.  
Nostalgia 73   08/73   Don did the cover fro the Nostalgia 73 convention program featuring an illustration of Batman.  
Omnivore 1   03/79   Don wrote a one-page article for this Phoenix-based fanzine, which also featured a story and two strips by Don's friend John Clark.  
Paragon 4   04/72   Contains a title page illustration of Captain Marvel by Don.  
  5   73   Don penciled and Bill Black inked an illustration for an article on the Lt. Marvels (also contains illustrations by Newton friend John Clark).  
Paragon Golden Age Greats 1   71   Don provided four illustrations to a portfolio in this book, one used as the back cover of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. inked by Bill Black, one of Hawkman which Don inked, one of Dr. Midnight and another of Captian Midnight and Spysmasher, both inked by Bill Black.  
Phantasy Review 1   69   Center spread of Batman by Don.  
Phoenix Con '72 0   72   Don did some promotional pieces for this comic convention held in Phoenix in 1972. He was also in charge of the art show and they auctioned off Don's time to raise money.  
Radion 7   78   Something by Don is in this issue, but I don't know what.  
Rocket's Blast & Comic Collector 0     Don did the logo for Jim Van Hise's column, "The Pulps" which appeared in many issues of the RBCC.  
        Don also did the logo for "Ye Olde Fanzine Shop" which appeared in many issues as well.  
  59   68   A one-page introduction for The Savage Earth.  
  60   68   One page of The Savage Earth, Chapter 1, "Oracle of Doom."  
  61   69   One page of The Savage Earth, Chapter 2, "The Final Fury" and a black and white painting of the Owl.  
  62   69   One page of The Savage Earth, Chapter 3, "Tombs of Survival."  
  63   69   One page of The Savage Earth, Chapter 4, "The Search." A two-page spread of The Guardian by Don and the first installment of "Ye Olde Fanzine Shop" with Don's logo.  
  64   69   Two pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 5, "Cavern of the Infernocs." A half-page black and white painting of Superman by Don, and a two-page spread of Captain Marvel and the Shazam gods (may have become the cover of The Rocket's Blast Special #8.  
  65   69   A black and white cover painting of The Savage Earth by Don and two pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 6, "Destructon the Immortal."  
  66   69   Two pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 7, "A Desperate Plan."  
  67   70   One page of The Savage Earth, Chapter 8, "Trapped!"  
  68   70   A cover of the Hangman by Don, two pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 9, "Missile of Death."  
  69   70   Two pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 10, "Destructon's World Crumbles," and a two-page spread of Thor.  
  70   70   Three pages of The Savage Earth, Chapter 11, "Climax."  
  72   70   A one-page black and white painting recreation of Captain America from CA #14.  
  73   71   A full-page "Masters of Evil" illustration of Iron Jaw by Don. Also contains a photo from Multicon '70 in Oklahoma City of John Clark, Don Newton, G.B. Love and Jim Van Hise.  
  74   71   A one-page recreation of Master #27 with Captain Marvel Jr. and Captain Nazi, and a one-page "Masters of Evil #3" of Two-Face and Batman both by Don.  
  75   71   A cover painting of Conan by Don an a one-page "Masters of Evil #4" of Solomon Grundy.  
  76   71   A stunning full-color cover painting of Flash Gordon and Dale Arden by Don.  
  78   71   A one-page "Masters of Evil #6" of Catwoman by Don.  
  79   71   A full-page "Masters of Evil" illustration of Lex Luthor by Don. This issue also has a photo of Don as Captain Marvel.  
  81   71   Center spread by Don illustrating "The Dweller" by H. P. Lovecraft. Very nice piece.  
  82   71   A very nice black and white cover of Hawkman penciled and inked by Don. This issue also has a photo of Don as Captain Marvel.  
  84   71   A nice black and white (actually printed in green and white!) cover of Ka-Zar and Zabu penciled and inked by Don. Don also provided a two-page spread depicting a sequence from "H. P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu." This issue also has a photo of Don as Captain Marvel.  
  86   71   Inside back cover by Don a very nice painting of Thor, the God of Thunder, printed in black and white.  
  87   71   Black and white cover illustration by Don of The Green Hornet and Kato (the Bruce Lee Kato, not the O.J. Kato). This issue also contains an ad by Don, which he illustrated, where he is looking for a Captain Marvel wristwatch and a little statue of CM that Fawcett was selling in the mid-forties. He says he will pay cash or trade for paintings!  
  89   72   A cover painting by Don of the original Green Lantern (or the Earth 2 Green Lantern if you will), printed in black and white but on green paper.  
  90   72   Full-color cover painting by Don of a fantasy/science fiction scene, a guy with a blaster being hunted by a guy on a giant flying bat.  
  91   72   An interesting half painting half illustrated cover of C. C. Beck and his creations, the Marvel Family. Also a full-page interior illustration of Samson and Black Fury that looks like it was originally part of the Fox Comics portfolio in The Golden Age #7.  
  94   72   A one-page drawing of Captain Marvel by Don.  
  95   72   A beautiful cover illustration of Zorro.  
  97   72   Full-color cover of Daredevil battling the Claw by Don.  
  99   72   A nice processed-color pen and ink cover of Spy Smasher by Don.  
  100   72   A beautiful full-color cover painting of Superman.  
  106   73   Beautiful front cover of The Phantom and Devil, penciled and inked by Don.  
  107   73   Contains an illustration of Baron Weirwulf by Don and a mention in "The Keyhole" column by Hamilton Benedict that "Don Newton has completed six pages of Baron Weirwulf filler to appear in various of the Charlton horror comics."  
  110   74   Full-color cover painting of Dracula by Don.  
  112   74   A beautiful cover illustration of Flash Gordon and Dale Arden.  
Rocket's Blast Special 8   71   All Captain Marvel issue! 5-Color wrap-around cover by Don, three detailed full-page illustrations and a two-page retelling of the origin of Captain Marvel. Some really wonderful stuff here.  
Sense of Wonder 11   72   A nice Spirit illustration by Don.  
  12   72   A black and white cover illustration of Yarmak, an Australian Tarzan imitation and a full page interior illustration for the article "Yarmak, The Fearless One" written by John Ryan.  
Street Enterprises Benefit Portfolio   75   Tabloid limited to 2000 copies features an illustration of Baron Weirwulf on page 20 (next to a "Jeff Cobb" by Pete Hoffman.  
Styx 2   73   Two-page centerfold painting of Captain Marvel. I don't know if this is in color or not.  
Sword and Fantasy 1   73   Reprints three pieces by Don, his cover from the Golden Age 5, and the two H.P. Lovecraft illustrations from the RBCC. Also contains some wonderful work by Frazetta, Wrightson, Corben, Kline, Juanillo, Crandal, Finlay, Wood, and Bok  
The Collector 16   69   A black and white cover illustration of Batman by Don. This might be Don's first published Batman work.  
  17   69   Features a cover of the Justice Society of America.  
        Features three pages of artwork by Don, including a full-page Captain America vs. the Red Skull illustration, a full-page Captain Marvel/Shazam! illustration, and a montage of from Don's unsold newspaper strip Blacklok,which is very nice.  
        Features a short interview with Don and a page of photographs of Don. Also includes an "Extra Supplement to TC 17" which reprints a newspaper article on Don from a Mesa Arizona newparper.  
  19   70   The ad says a "beautiful center spread by Don Newton."  
  22   70   An unknown illustration by Don.  
  23   71   I don't have the book I just know Don was mentioned in an ad for it.  
  26   72   This issue contains a Tarzan portfolio featuring art by Joe Kubert, Steve Fabian and Don. I don't know the media or the number of illustrations Don did.  
  27   73   The ad says a "Western Portfolio by Don Newton." We can assume this is "High Dawn, Part One." A review of this book states that these Newton western illustrations were originally done for a book written by Carlisle Raht and edited by Bruce Hamilton. Don also supplied one or more illustrations for "The Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs" in the same issue.  
  28   73   A back cover illustration of The Shadow by Don, and "High Dawn, Part Two" a portfolio of eight western illustrations by Don as well. The back cover illustration is repeated inside for an article on The Shadow.  
The Comic Book Price Guide 4   74   Front cover of the Justice Society of America painted by Don.  
  13   83   Front cover of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman penciled by Don and inked by Joe Rubinstein.  
The Comic Buyer's Guide 16   82   Information on a proposed series at DC called "Captain Thunder", written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Don Newton. The book, a take-off on Captain Marvel was never published. Captain Thunder seems to have been a black version of Captain Marvel, whose secret identity, like CM's was that of Billy Batson. "When Billy Batson speaks the name of the ancient wizard Shazam -- he is transformed into Captain Thunder -- the World's Mightiest Mortal of Earth-One." At least that's what the proposal said about this updating of the Captain Marvel character.  
The Comic Reader 112   11/74   Don did a cover of Dr. Graves and Baron Weirwulf.  
  134   08/76   Don did a very nice black and white cover of the Phantom  
  146   08/77   A great cover of Superman penciled and inked by Don.  
  175   11/79   Nice front cover of Green Lantern and Sinestro penciled by Don and inked by Terry Austin.  
  186   12/80   Nice front cover of Captain Marvel penciled by Don and inked by Dan Adkins.  
  189   03/81   Very nice front cover of Captain America penciled by Don and inked by Joe Rubinstein  
  205   07/82   A fantastic unused cover to Batman #356 graces the back cover of this issue. Beautifully penciled and inked by Don. This is one of the very, very few pieces of artwork that Don penciled and inked after he left Charlton and is really stunning stuff.   
  211   06/83   A back cover ilustration of the Star Hunters penciled by Don and inked by Sam Delarosa.  
The Comics Journal 43   12/78   A nice Thor pen and ink illustration on page 50  
  93   09/84   Article on Don's death, featuring a photo of Don taken by Dan Adkins.  
The Golden Age 3   68   Full-color cover by Don featuring two of his own creations, the Crimson Kid and The Red Wrath. Don also provided the splash for "The 41 Battles of Harvey Kurtzman," an article by Tom Fagan. Lastly, Don did a black and white back cover, "The Great Comic In the Sky," featuring heroes who no longer were published, Captain Marvel, Black Terror, Bulletman, Daredevil, etc.  
  4   69   A very strange front cover by Don featuring Blacklok in a style I do not recognize and a center spread black and white painting of Spy Smasher by Don.  
  5   69   A front cover featuring a guy wrestling a dragon/alligator type creature while a comely babe looks on is a nice piece of pen and ink work by Don. Don also provides a splash page for an article on Top Notch Comics, a center spread of Catman, and another illustration of Batman and Robin that accompanies an article entitled, "In Retrospect" written by Howard Siegel..  
  7   71   Wrap-around full-color painting by Don of Tarzan, a three-page portfolio of characters from Fox Comics, and a full-page Black Terror illustration.  
The Golden Age Collector 1   72   A black and white Steel Sterling vs. Baron Gestapo cover.  
  2   72   A beautiful pen and ink cover by Don.  
  3   73   A beautiful two-color cover of Firebrand by Don is really exceptional.  
Venture 4   75   The Don Newton art in this issue is on the letters page and takes up about 1/4 of it. It is a head shot of a weird looking man with a pointy nose and chin.  

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