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Last Updated October
 28, 2006

DC Comics


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Dhis would prove to be a transition year for Don. He had his regular Batman gig in Detective and his regular Shazam! gig in World's Finest, but he had a lot of free time on his hand as evident by the 29 stories he would pencil this year. That's 337 pages of new Newton art in 1980, all for DC.  But a large part of this output was in stories of 10 pages or less; these are the fillers stories that DC gave Don so that he always had something to draw and the large number of them that appear this year shows that Don was in dire need of another strip. His Shazam! duties were for 10 pages every two months and his only other regular strip this year was the Batman strip in Detective, normally a 17-pager every month.

One of Don's "filler" strips was becoming a regular gig; the science-fiction anthology Time Warp had a Newton story in every issue. Thought no longer than eight pages a pop, Don was the only artist to have a strip in every issue of Time Warp, and the only artist to appear in every issue except cover artist Michael W. Kaluta. I know that Don was a real science fiction fan, but I didn't find any of Don's Time Warp work to be compelling. I'm not going to lay it on Steve Mitchell (who inked most of Don's Time Warp work), I just don't think Don was very well suited for the task. I'm not sure why either, since his earlier Star Hunters books and later Green Lantern strips proved he could do interesting science fiction art.

Don continued his wonderful work in Detective through the entire year turning out 15 to 17 pages of Batman on the normal months and 22 to 25 pages on the heavy Batman months Most of his Detective work this year was inked by Dan Adkins. It was a great year to be a Newton fan. It was a great year to be a Batman family fan too; the large Dollar Comic Detectives were just choked full of great artwork and interesting strips.

Take Don's first comic of the year, Detective #487 for example. It started off with a great looking Garcia Lopez cover featuring Batman, Robin and Batgirl and then charged right into a 17-page Batman story, "The Perils of Sergius" written by Denny O'Neil, penciled by Don and inked by Dan Adkins. That is followed by a Roy Raymond strip by Bob Rozakis and Dave Hunt, a robin strip by Jack Harris, Kurt Schaffenberger (misspelled in the credits as Schaffenber) and Joe Giella, an Odd Man strip by Ditko, and a beautiful Batgirl strip by Jack Harris, Dick Giordano and Steve Mitchell. If you don't own a copy, you should.

Time Warp #2, with a 6-page science-fiction strip, "Cultural Exchange" written by George Kashdan, penciled by Don and inked by Dave Simons also came out in January 1980 to be followed by World's Finest #260 with another Newton Shazam! strip. This one, "There Goes the Neighborhood" written by E. Nelson Bridwell, penciled by Don and inked by Dave Hunt sported some of Hunt's better inks.

More to come!


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