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DC Comics
Last Updated
June 11, 2014

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Don spent the majority of his professional career at DC comics where he worked on a number of series. Most notable was his more than three years on the Batman and Detective books, his year and a half on The New Gods, and his long running stint on Captain Marvel in World's Finest Comics. Knowing Don's love of the Captain Marvel character, I would have to guess that it was this strip he enjoyed the most, but you never know.

What I do know is that Don was very much appreciated by DC. The tribute that DC paid Don upon his death was, at the time, unprecedented.

Adam Strange

This piece was not done while Don worked at DC, but much earlier in 1970. However, it is a rendition of the great DC character, Adam Strange.

By 1976, Don had been working at Charlton Comics since early 1974, most notably on the Phantom, when his career suffered two crushing setbacks. First Charlton canceled the Phantom. Then, a month or so later, Charlton folded. Don became depressed. He wrote his friend Howard Siegel that, "With so many Charlton artists out of work, I may as well face the reality that my comic career could be over. There's just so much work available and I figure it will go first to guys in the N.Y. area. The next couple of months should tell the tale, but I'm not optimistic." Within a few months however, Don was feeling better about his career and again wrote to Howard Siegel:

My second career seems to be going better than ever now. I just inked a Don Heck 'Ghost Rider' for Marvel and last night got a call from none other than Neal Adams! He suggested I contact DC as they had been trying to reach me. A call to Joe Orlando today, netted me a pencilling job on Aquaman!

Adams told me that he thought I might be able to get the Batman and that he had suggested me for this assignment, That would be quite a giant step if I could get on Batman!

So, the death of Charlton has actually opened up new and bigger doors for me. Maybe I'll make the "big time" yet.

I'm delighted about the breakthrough at DC because I feel they have a superior product. You may recall that I've never been too enchanted by the Marvel storyline or the majority of their characters. At DC there are probably 12-15* good to superior super heroes.

For now, I'll take the work anywhere, but eventually I hope to establish myself at DC.

Keep your fingers crossed and shine your bat signal on the moon.

Best, Don

* Maybe closer to two dozen

1977 Don begins his official career at DC v Don is co-creator of Star Hunters v Don begins his association with Aquaman in DC Special v Don works on The Batman Family v Don takes on Jack Kirby's New Gods
1978 Don takes over the Aquaman Book v Don closes out the New Gods book v Don works on Captain Marvel for the first time v Don does his first Batman strip
1979 Don resumes Aquaman in Adventure v Don does a few Brave and the Bolds v Don begins his four year stint on Detective Comics v Don returns to Science Fiction with Time Warp v Don begins his three year run on Shazam! in World's Finest v Don does a Green Arrow/Hawkman team-up in World's Finest
1980 Don does his first Batman v Don does a Batman/Man-Bat Brave and the Bold v Don does a year's worth of Detectives v Don does three more Time Warps v Don does a year's worth of Shazam! in World's Finest v Don does an Aquaman in World's Finest
1981 Don does a number of Batman issues v Don does another year of Detective v Don does another year of Shazam! in World's Finest
1982 Don does four more Batman issues v Don does yet another year of Detective v Don does his first Green Lanterns v Don does a number of Shazam! strips in World's Finest
1983 Don does a year's worth of Batmans v Don does a Superman/Green Arrow team-up in DC Comics Presents v Don does a couple of Detectives
1984 Don does the Earth-2 Batman/Robin/Catwoman pages for the All Star Squadron Annual v Don does a year's worth of Batmans v Don does a Blackhawk v Don does his last issue of Detective v Don does his only pencil and ink  work at DC in Green Lantern
1985 Don's last issue of Batman is published v Don's amazing work on Infinity Inc is published

This page is under construction. A representative sample of Don's work at DC Comics, including work on Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Infinity Inc., The New Gods, and Captain Marvel should be here in the near future. There are just so many hours in the day.

Aquaman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The New Gods, Robin, The Star Hunters and all associated characters are copyright 1998-2014 by DC Comics.

Copyright 1998-2019 The Art of Don Newton
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