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Last Updated
July 9, 2013


To see a larger version of any artwork on these pages, click on the picture

Over the years Don Newton was blessed with a number of exciting and talented inkers. Some were perfect matches to Don's unique style and some were not, but they are all a part of his legacy.  If there is one topic of contention that I get the most email about, it is inkers. Who was the best? Who was the worst? Who was a match for Don's style? Who wasn't a match? Inkers is such a subjective topic that it is inevitably going to cause contention. It steps on people's toes, it gets on people's nerves. Everyone has an opinion. About the only thing I can say for sure is that Don's favorite inkers were Joe Rubinstein and Dan Adkins. He said the a number of times and it cannot be disputed. Other than that, it is all subjective.  

Below is a list of the inkers that worked with Don over the years along with the publications where their inks can be found. As time permits we will be adding pages on each inker. If you were a fan of Don's and ever wanted to contribute to this site, this is an area where I could use some assistance. This is a big undertaking and will take a long time to complete. The Art of Don Newton proudly presents, the Inkers...

Jack Abel Avengers Annual 9

Dan Adkins Adventure Comics 460, 465-466, Batman: Tales of the Demon 1, Best of DC 5, Brave and the Bold 165, DC Comics Presents 54, DC Special 28, Detective Comics 481, 483-493, 496-499, 501-505, 507-509, Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu 1, Green Lantern 148-149, House of Mystery 272, Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves 49, Midnight Tales 12-13, New Gods 12-14, 17-19, Secrets of the Haunted Mansion 30, The Comic Reader Cover 186, Time Warp 1, World's Finest 262, 269, 273, 275-276

Alfredo Alcala Batman 354-355, 357, 362-372, 374-379, Detective Comics 520

Terry Austin The Comic Reader Cover 175

Bill Black Comic Crusader Cover 14, Fantastic Fanzine 13, Paragon 5

John Calnan Adventure Comics 492, Batman 352, Detective Comics 519, World's Finest 281

Frank Chiaramonte Adventure Comics 461, 491, Batman 346, Detective Comics 495, 511, 513-516, World's Finest 265, 277-280

Vince Colletta World's Finest 259

Kim DeMulder Batman 328

Tony DeZuniga Infinity Inc. 11

Joe Giella World's Finest 266

Dick Giordano Batman 356, Batman Cover 378, Detective Comics 524, 526, Detective Comics Cover 514, 526

Dan Green Avengers 204

Dave Hunt Aquaman 63, Batman 305-306, Detective Comics 480-481, Weird War Tales 82, World's Finest 260-264

Dennis Jensen Batman 353, Blackhawk 266

John Celardo Aquaman 60, Ghosts 94

Bob Layton DC Super-Stars 16, DC Super-Stars Cover 16, Star Hunters 1

Mike Machlan All Star Squadron Annual 3

Larry Mahlstedt Batman 337, World's Finest 270, 274

Pablo Marcos Batman 360-361, Vigilante 4

Frank McLaughlin Detective Comics 485

Bob McLeod Aquaman 61-62

Steve Mitchell Batman 331-332, 338, Detective Comics 506, Mystery In Space 117, Time Warp 3-5, World's Finest 268, 272

Joe Orlando House of Mystery 291

Bruce Patterson Detective Comics 518

Joe Rubinstein Avengers Annual 9, Avengers Annual Cover 9, Infinity Inc. 12-13, New Gods 16, The Comic Book Price Guide 13, The Comic Book Price Guide Cover 13, The Comic Reader Cover 189

Kurt Schaffenberger SHAZAM! 35, World's Finest 253-259

Augie Scotto Adventure Comics 459-460

Dave Simons Time Warp 2

Bob Smith Adventure Comics 464, Brave and the Bold 153, 156, Detective Comics 492, 494, 539, World's Finest 267

Bob Wiacek Batman Family 13

This page is under construction. There are just so many hours in the day.

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