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Last Updated March 4, 2002

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D on was a fandom favorite and as such he gave a number of interviews over the years. We are attempting to gather as many of them together as possible in an attempt to paint a picture of Don that is as three-dimensional as possible  We currently have three interviews with Don, which span 14 years. The first is from the pages of Bill G. Wilson's "The Collector" #17 and took place in 1969. The second is from the pages of Bob Layton's "Charlton Bullseye" and took place in 1976. The third is from the Phoenix New Times and took place in 1983. We know there are other interviews out there and we are constantly on the look-out for them, including one that has never been printed anywhere. We hope you enjoy the peek at the man offered by these interviews we have located:.

1969 Don is interviewed by Bill G. Wilson in the pages of The Collector #17.
1976 Don is interviewed by Howard Siegel in the pages of The Charlton Bullseye #5.
1983 Don is interviewed by Dewey Webb for the Phoenix New Times.

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