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Last Updated July 1, 2013


Don Newton

I mentioned elsewhere on this site that it was the lack of information on Don Newton on the internet that prompted me to create this site in the first place, so don't hope for much. If you do go looking on your own for Don's work, make sure you add "comics" to the search criteria or you'll end up with lots of hits for a corvette salesman.

Josef Rubinstein Joe Rubinstein was Don's favorite inker, a true professional, and a big Don Newton fan. Joe inked the last pages that Don ever drew. Joe is also a wonderful portrait artist and you can see his work at his wonderful website. Joe is available for commissions and recreations of work he did with Don and others. Check out his website and be amazed or contact him directly through this email address. 
Charlton Spotlight Magazine! I don't know if they are ever going to do articles on Don, but they cover Charlton Comics in depth. A really professional magazine about one of the most unusual companies to ever publish comics. Some great talents got their starts at Charlton, including Don Newton. 
Ed Hannigan's Comics Web site of DC Comics cover designer Ed Hannigan. If you search around (and the art is so good that I suggest you do) you will find Ed's original layouts for Batman #314 and Detective #526
The Phantom:
A Publishing History in the U.S.A.
Contains a history of the Phantom in newspapers and comics.

Other Sites

The Art of Barry Keller Now for something completely different. You've seen Don Newton's wonderful artwork, now if you like, take a look at mine. There are a few comic book pieces here, but mainly my paintings. Most of my work is in pastels or in charcoal. My favorite subject matter is the nude female form, though there are some nude males, some landscapes, some portraits, a few animals...really a little bit of everything.
A Source of One This is my BLOG. I've been known to swear here, particularly when the Bush administration is any part of the topic. I also talk about comics, books, movies, TV, music, plays, current events, art, you name it.
Michael Moore The man who brought you "Fahrenheit 9/11", "Roger and Me," "TV Nation," "Downsize This," "Stupid White Men" and "Bowling for Columbine" brings you the #1 political website in the world. Popular for a reason; as more and more of our freedoms disappear each day Michael Moore shows those in power that the American people will not go quietly into the night. 

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