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The Mother Lode
Last Updated June 7, 2001


D oing this site is truly a labor of love. I can not express how much I enjoy working on it, on preserving the memory of one of the greatest comic artists of all time. And as much as I loved Don's work before I started this site, my appreciation of his talent and of Don as a human being has continued to grow. A lot of this new-found appreciation is due to the efforts of those who have assisted me in the preservation of Don's legacy. There are some really great Don Newton fans out there, and their stories of Don, or of the impact Don's work had on their lives have touched me. And these fans have unselfishly given of their time to assist me in putting together this site.

I want to thank you all. G. B. Love for the information and the permission to reprint "the Savage Earth." Jim Van Hise for the permission on the rest of the SFCA stuff, Carsten Larsen for sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of Don Newton publications and many enjoyable emails, Jay Willson for sharing his extensive knowledge of his friend Don Newton, great conversations and wonderfully detailed emails, Neil Hansen for the wealth of information on the books I had missed and for turning me on to the eBay auction where I picked up the set of Newton Aquaman books. Patrick Hilger for the Ironman, the letters from Don, and the copies of the Conan piece, Comic Crusader cover, and the wonderful Freeze painting. Tony Isabella for getting the word out on my site. The Leahy's for putting together the Phantom WebRing. Steve Lipsky for the very impressive collection of copies of Newton originals. Don M for helping me find G.B. Love. Scotty Moore for the equally impressive original art scans. Sir Jon for the information on Don and for turning Tony Isabella onto the site. Ed Rhoades for the original art scans, the Phantom watch scan, the information on Don's rabid following in Australia and Billy Zane's use of Don's Phantoms in preparation for the Phantom film, and for the great conversation. Rik Spruitenburg who notices all the problems on the site and got me to start testing with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Bryan Shedden for the beautiful scan of the Phantom #69 cover and for spreading the word down under. Jamie Ashby, Chuck Burke, Jesse Hochstadt, Greg Huneryager, Raymond Neal, and Rob Staeger for their memories and opinions of Don and his work. 

This all brings me to....the Mother Lode!

That's what I call it anyway. Ex-RBCC columnist, Don Newton friend and sometimes collaborator Howard Siegel has provided help above and beyond the call of duty. Howard sent me the mother lode of all Don Newton packages, an astounding amount of artwork and information that is helping to shape this site. This includes 10-15 fanzines with Don's work in them, two original paintings, over a dozen other pieces of original artwork, and about seven years worth of correspondence from Don to Howard. He didn't send copies, he didn't send scans; Howard sent me the originals! I've never met Howard Siegel and I've never talked to Howard Siegel, but I wrote him, sent him printouts of the site, and told him what I was doing here; Howard responded beyond my wildest expectations, as he put it, "for Don's memory."

You will see the results of the "Mother Lode" scattered throughout this site, if not now, then in the future. If you see something attributed to something Don said or wrote, it most likely comes from the letters in the mother lode. A lot of the "fanzine" pictures are from the mother lode. Anything having to do with Giant-Size Defenders #3 is from the mother lode, as it contained a copy of the book, signed by Don with a listing of what he did on each page. The paintings will be making their way to the site soon, one of Adam Strange and one of a barbarian. A large part of the Charlton original art is from the mother lode as is a number of pieces of original fan art including two pages of a Captain America story Don did in an attempt to get work at Marvel. The absolutely stunning pencils from Batman 305 are also a part of the mother lode. These pencils will be on the site soon and are so, so worth the wait. And there is even more than this. Some real gems.

So, thank you Howard, for the mother lode. Thank you for saving all of this, and for sharing it with me, so that I can share it all with the other Don Newton fans out there.


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