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Newspaper Strips
Last Updated July 23, 2013

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Don attempted to break into the syndicated newspaper strip business in 1967 with a couple of different ideas. Both of his proposed strips were adventure strips, which were historically hard sells, and the heroes of both strips were writers. Don knew an adventure strip would be problematic to sell. A letter he prepared for syndicates began with "In planning this story we realize we are bucking the trend that daily comic strips have followed for the past several years. It is our belief that the time will soon be at hand when adventure type strips will again be the vogue. We hope to assist in reversing the current trend of simple humor and real life stories toward the action adventure theme."

The first strip, which Don did on his own, never got far beyond the preliminary development stages. Don wrote a three page synopsis of Captain Galaxy on legal paper and drew eight panels of the proposed story and a Captain Galaxy logo. I have no indication that any other work was ever done on this strip. Presented here, for the first time anywhere, is Don's original story summary for Captain Galaxy and the strips only known existing artwork. Without further ado, the Art of Don Newton is proud to present...

Captain Galaxy logo

Don did a lot more work on his other strip, which I think was the second of the two. This may have been because he was more enamored of the idea or it might have been that he had a partner doing some of the writing. Blacklok and the Tyrants is attributed to Don Newton and Ken Tomey. Don created a logo, twenty daily strips and a summary of the remainder of the story for Blacklok. There are a number of similarities between Captain Galaxy and Blacklok, some of the same characters and organizations appear in both. The Art of Don Newton is proud to present...

Blacklok logo

Don's last foray into the world of newspaper strips is the story of an opportunity not taken. In a 1975 letter to Howard Siegel Don writes, "Don't know if I mentioned it, but Russ Manning offered me a chance to work on the overseas Tarzan...I still may take a crack at this over the summer." Well, it never happened. I don't know if Manning pulled back on the offer or if Don was just too busy doing the Phantom. As a pure guess, I would put money on the "too busy" theory. You have got to remember that Don was still a full-time teacher at this point and comics, even The Phantom, were a sideline, something he did at lunch-break and in the evenings. So we never saw a Don Newton newspaper strip, not Captain Galaxy, not Blacklok, not Tarzan, but we have some idea of what they might have looked like. Personally, I am glad Don didn't get a syndicated strip: I would rather have The Phantom and all the great Charlton paintings and Batman and Captain Marvel and Aquaman and The Avengers and all the rest of the wonderful DC and Marvel work.

All artwork on this page is copyright the Estate of Don Newton 1967-2014.

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