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Last Updated August 27, 2005

To see a larger version of any artwork on these pages, click on the picture

n 1972 G.B. Love's SFCA published the Newton Portfolio, a 20-page compilation of art Don had done for G.B. over the years. The book was 8-1/2 x 11, black and white throughout and really highlighted the diversity of work and unique styles that Don employed in his early fan career. Some of the artwork in the Newton Portfolio appears elsewhere on this site, but, a little duplication never hurt anyone. Without further ado, we proudly present the Newton Portfolio!

As you can see by the note on the cover, the Newton Portfolio comes to us from the private collection of Howard Seigel.


The inside front cover is a wonderfully moody Solomon Grundy, done mainly in brush and zip-a-tone. Years later Don would draw Solomon Grundy again in the pages of Infinity Inc. Lovecraft's the Dweller is done in what I think of as Don's classic black and white style, mainly penwork and lots of detailed hatching.


A classic Don Newton black and white Flash Gordon piece. Don really captures the feel of Alex Raymond or Al Williamson here while still retaining his own unique style. Don really was a fan of the entire Marvel Family as this Marvel Bunny painting illustrates.


The Fighting Yank is a very nice painting by Don. Don would return to the "flag in the  background" theme years later on his classic cover of the Phantom of 1776 for Charlton. One of my all-time favorite Newton pieces. I can't say enough good things about Don's powerful Hawkman rendition. It's as powerful today as it was in 1971.


Don's rendition of Airboy seems to be more pen and opaque wash than painting, but without knowing if its in color or not I can't be sure. Now this Conan painting really got around. This is at least the third place G.B. Love used this one and none of them were in color. 


A beautiful center-spread of Thor done in Don's classic black and white style. It's interesting to compare this piece to the artwork in the Avengers Annual #9.


This Spy Smasher piece is a fine example of Newton's heavy wash technique. It's a beautiful gray-scale illustration. .
Captain Nazi and Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel Jr.) in a wonderful pen and wash piece by Don. This is one of my favorites.


Don's love of jungle settings is apparent in this rendition of Ka-Zar and Zabu. Don's classic black and white style adds a realism to this Captain Marvel illustration that his work at DC never had. 


It's hard to get a feel for this picture of Namor the way it was printed in the portfolio.  Here is Don's Namor is glorious color, a scan from the original artwork..


I've always been a big fan of this Black Terror piece by Don. The classic Newton black and white style is in evidence on this Green Hornet and Kato illustration.


Don's love of the golden age characters shines through in this wonderful piece, the inside back cover, done in a more simplistic style than normal. This was the first piece of fan art that Don ever had published.  The Newton Portfolio ends with this great rendition of the Hangman in classic Newton style.


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